New Friends <3 (part 2)

2017-08-06 18:43:07 by MinecraftGirl2

Hey Guy's,

So it's been a bit of a long since i have posted anything. it's been a bit of chaos right now. i'm trying to find myself and practise with my art alot. i don't really know why i haven't posted anything (art or story) i guess i was just out of it. i had some stuff going around and i guess i felt it wasn't really good enough to post. i made some drawings that i'm proud of but not really feel like it is good enough to show. mabey you Guys can tell me? anyway i wanted to write some stuff of of me and hope you enjoy the continueing story of: New Friends (part 2) 

enjoy ^_^

Last Time: 

she took a deep breath and continued her story ''so Sam walked in and tried to sit with us but then every family appeared, they laughed at me. the looked at me like i did a bad job of keeping Sam away from being a transgender. they pointed and laughed like i did somthing wrong and eventually had to rip of the clothes Sam was wearing'' i was shocked. my sisters dream litterly told her it wasn't okay for me to be transgender. ''YOU WHAT?! are you insane Wendy. do you think this is okay? you find it that terrible for me being this? or would you rather have me hide that i am transgender and say i'm just a tomboy? your insane'' i was so mad at her. what did she think. that i was a wrong part of the family. my mom was in shock as well and tried to grab my hand so i couldn't get away. 

I ran upstairs to my room. i need to find a plan to get out. finally i knew it, my window i trew my wig and purse into my bagpack and put it on. luckly i could lock my door and climb out of the window because it was close to the roof so i could climb down the roof into a tree in the back yard, and so i escaped my home and ran to Lilyan.

When i arrived at her house she was suprised to see me this early and a bit exhausted. ''did you run here? you look a bit exhausted'' i shacked my head. ''no i escaped from my window to get out of my house'' she looked at me in shock. ''why did you try to escape your home, it's your home right you shouldn't have to run from that right?'' ''yah that is true, it's my sister she dreamed over me and that it was bad i was a transgender and rather have a normal sister or that is how she told it, it just made me mad'' Lylian looked at me and i saw she understood me and gave me hug. ''hey she is probebly just confused give her some time and for you and me and Sara let's have some fun today okay, did you bring the wig with you?'' i smiled and nodded to let her know i did. ''than let's make of this an awesome day!'' she said with the biggest smile on her face. 

And Now It Continues:

Lylian always seems to understand where i was coming from even if i was mad for the wrong reasons, or if i was mad about nothing. she always smiled and said it would be okay, that i will talk it out with the other people and i agree (somthimes. it takes some time to realize as well) anyway she always was supportive just like Sara. speaking of wich where was she? ''hey Lylian where is Sara? are we going to her place or is she coming our way?'' Lylian who was searching for an outfit for some reason in her closet turned her head to me after she grabbed a T-Shirt and let i fall on her head. she was clumsy but she giggled a bit and continued. she walked over to the bed and layed the T-shirt on there while saying to me: ''Sara is coming to us. i texted her a second ago to tell her you where already here so she told me she would come our way because it would be faster'' i nodded and walked over to the bed while i set my ass on her bed next to the T-shirt that Lylian layed on there.

I looked at the shirt it was a pretty weird shirt for Lylian to have. it was a dark green shirt with an design of wings on it. for Lylian it was way to ''boyisch'' as how she calls it. she already walked back to the closet to search for some other things. a second later without any warning Lylian trows a tanktop at my head. i smile and say in a sarcastic way ''you where aming for the cat wheren't you?'' Lylian turns around and sticks out her tounge to me and i react back the same way. i look a bit closer at the tanktop. it is not a normal tanktop i have ever seen. it is way tighter than they sell at any store. i look at Lylian who closes her closet door and walks over to me. ''Lylian why do you have a shirt like that? and what is this for tanktop? i have never seen one like this'' Lylian sits next to me on the bed and giggles. ''this is for you as a present for being such a good friend the last two years'' i look confused at Lylian and she continues.''this a t-shirt and this is a binder'' she gives me a smirk ''i know what a shirt is but what is a binder?'' Lylian smiles and sais: ''a binder is a top i guess just like others but it's a bit different, this top flatens your chest so you can't see those two bumpers of yours'' i laugh over how she explains it and give her a little push. ''thanks goof'' Lylian smiles at me and gives me a big hug. 

suddenly we hear the ring tone of Lylians phone. Lylian looks around and sees her phone laying on the other side of the room. ''can you get my phone please? you can chance your clothes as well than'' i smile give her a push, and grab the t-shirt, and binder and walk over to her phone where i grab my wig as well. ''throw the phone Sam you can chance right away than'' while i'm standing infront of the closet with her buzzing and noisy phone i look at her suprised. ''your sure?'' she nods and i throw the phone. my heart races, i hope the phone doesn't hit the ground but it savely lands in the hands of Lylian and she imeaditly picks up the phone. 

I don't pay attention anymore to what Lylian is doing. i get excited because i can finally put on my outfit. i pull off my shirt and bra and she my top in the mirror infront of the closet. yep those are mine. i sigh for a second and look at the binder she bought for me. i grab the binder while i lay the shirts i have in my hands on a chair. i put on the binder and look at myself. i turn to my side and see how flat my chest is. i smile and admire how the binder worked so well. it is very tight but it is amezing and i feel confident. but i miss somthing... i think for a second... music i miss music. if i dress myself i always have music on. i walk to Lylians computer. luckly it isn't locked and the tab is open on Lylians dating site. before my curiousity what Lylian is doing on there i open a new tab, and search for some music and i find some awesome songs from someone i lissen to alot.

I put on the music and i see Lylian is suprised but she continues talking with the person on the phone. i walk back to the mirror while lissening to some awesome music. i put on the shirt and the wig. i haven't looked in the mirror yet but i'm about to. i close my eyes, turn around and count to twenty on the beat of the music. 18...19......20... i open my eyes and the person i see in the mirror is stunning. you can't even tell it was a girl. i freak out a bit because i look exactly how i wanted to look. i turn my head to Lylian and she is looking at her feet. eventually she feels my eyes staring at her and she looks at me. she is silent for a second, and i hear Sara on the other end conserened if she is still there. after a second Lylian begins to scream in excitment and drops the phone that on excident goes on speaker. Lylian runs of the bed and jumps into my arms. ''your so handsome and cute, you look awesome Sam'' i look blushing at Lylian in my arms and say ''thank you'' softly. 

after a couple minutes of cuddeling i hear Sara. ''LYLIAN!!! why did you have to blow up my ears?!?!?''  i see Lylian rushing over to the phone. ''sorry Sara, i just saw Sam in her outfit for the first time it's unbelievible, you should hurry up'' i hear Sara giggling and she responds ''okay i'll hang up the phone i'm with two minutes by your house okay?'' i smile and walk over to Lylian and hug her from behind. ''okay we'll see you than Sara'' i say and Lylian hangs up the phone. she turns around and i see the sparks in her eyes. ''you look handsome'' we jump on the bed and enjoy our last minute alone with music. 

after 5 minutes we hear the door bell ring. Lylian jumps of the bed and sais you wait here okay i want to suprise her. i nod and say: ''okay go hurry up and get her'' she smiles and hurries out the door. she almost slams the door shut and i lay on the bed for a couple more minutes. i hear Sara down stairs chatting with Lylian eventually i hear Lylian say: ''close your eyes okay i'm going to lead you upstairs'' and i hear Sara responding : ''are you crazy?! first you blow up my ears drums and now you want to lead me up stairs?'' i hear Lylian laugh ''just trust me okay'' i hear them both walk up the stairs and Lylian knocks on the door so i know she is there with Sara. ''okay Sara i'm going to open the door aand i'm going to count to 0 and you can open your eyes'' i step off the bed and walk to the mirror and ajust my hair and walk to the center of the room so Sara can see me clearly. i look at Lylian and give her the thumbs up. ''okay here we go...3....2....5....4...3...'' i see Sara give Lylian a soft smack on her arm ''don't tease me i want to see her she laughes'' Lylian laughs as well and continues ''okay sorry i wanted to tease you, okay here we go again'' she stickes out her to me and again she goes on ''3...2...1...0 you can look''' Sara opens her eyes. first it takes a bit of time to ajust to the bright light but when she sees me she is so suprised she freezes for a bit. after a minutes she screams just like Lylian did. she runs at me and gives me hug ''omg you look just like one of my normal guy friends and your hot'' she smiles at me and we laugh. ''i  don't even think they will reconize me'' i laugh. ''we need to see if that is true but we need to go to them now we are already a bit late and they are waiting at them mall'' me and Lylian nod, and we head out the door. this will be a new and nerv wrecking experience, but here we go.


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2017-08-17 04:04:37

jYaaay you uploaded a new part! :D btw, I also checked your new art that you uploaded a few days jago, jand i think it's beautiful, I love that I can picture the character's face fom this story too :D

I really like the relationship that Sam has with everyone, with Lylian it shows a great bond and friendship, and they understand each other so well. :) and it looks like they both have a great bond with Sara too (I loved the funny countdown). can't wait for the visit to the mall! :D

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

Haha yup i uploaded again ^_^ it took me some time but i did it ^_^ (also made a new part as well so) and i'm glad you drawings that i desided the be Sam. mabey i'll draw the others but i'm not sure yet. but glad you like it. ^_^

yah those three have a good friendship although someone of them is hiding somthiing from the other two ;) but you'll find out later. anyway i'm so glad you enjoy it.


2017-08-17 04:05:49

"jago" was a mistype XD, it was supposed to say "ago"

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

Hahaha no problem it can happen somthimes ;)