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2017-03-08 11:38:51 by MinecraftGirl2

Hey Guy's

so lattely i haven't posted somthing and that has a good reason. i'm working on a project with a friend of mine where i can design the final state of a boss. (i don't know if i can tell somthing about it so i will keep it basic) i'm working on the idea and shading the past 2 weeks. i'm still drawing so don't worry soon i will upload somthing for my art, but i haven't got the time lattely because i have to go back to school again so it's no free time anymore for me ^_^ but it's nice to see my friends again. school is pretty busy for me now and we got a new student in my class so that's different as well. i try to be friends but it's pretty hard because he is new and i'm not the best with talking to other people but i try my best. also i'm trying to stear him the right direction trough the school he won't get lost :p but he is nice. wish me luck with that i think this will be hard but i will try my best. i hope i give a good impression and he thinks i'm a nice person but we will find out when time goes by. so wish me luck with that ^_^

anyway i'm trying to make some more art for you to see as soon as i can. but anyway i hope you guy's are ok and having a good time anyway enjoy the music i put up and don't forget

Have a good day and stay Positve <3


5525000_148899113091_20153d72a8ff5a8f061bead5b8dcc4c2.jpg    (enjoy ^_^ )


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2017-03-08 13:01:32

No reveals on my boss itself. But you can brag about working on a game all you want my friend

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

i expected that ^_^ buuut thanks i'm glad i can work on that :D