A Hectic week.

2017-02-25 05:03:36 by MinecraftGirl2

Hey Guy's 

so it's been a hectic week. from school to friends and feeling sick. yah i didn't tell you but i'm sick or atleast feel sick. but i'm not taking a break yet because i don't think i need it. it mabey sounds stupid but i'm still going on altho i had to go home one day because i litterly didn't feel good and couldn't do anything (or not the work i had to do so that sucked) but anyway i'm still going. 

for other things. i left some things in the past and i'm moving on. the things i want back (like friends) i'm going to get back and try to fix things that i did wrong in there eyes (but i can't yet because they must calm down first a little bit so we can talk properly) so i took a little break from everything. but i'm not sad about it, life is a place where you lose and win stuff. i think you should just move on if it doesn't work out and don't try to stick your nose to much in the past (i learned that the hard way) don't stick to things that don't come back anyway but fight for the things and people who you want if the are with you now. what do you guy's think? 

for other parts like school now i finally got a break for next week so i can do what i want for the first time in a couple weeks. or do more that i want without for once think about school stuff (altho i have to do some stuff still for school, ugghhh to much work) but i finally can go out with friends and have alot of fun and most inportant thing: sleep as long as i want :p 

but anyway i hope you all are okay as well, mabey you guy's have done somthing really fun (than i'm probebly jealos :p but i'm glad you had fun than) but i don't know how to continue right now but anyway if you want to talk i'm always open, so feel free to PM me. i always react, but anyway 

i hope you guy's have an awesome day and stay positive <3


p.s one of my favorite songs mabey you guy's like it as well ^_^



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