Did i do the right thing?

2017-02-19 16:35:01 by MinecraftGirl2

Hey Guy's 

so for the people who are here for  the first time ''hi'' this is about the post before this one so mabey read that one first so you understand this better.

for the people who read my last post you probebly know where this is going sooo the choice was last time go with my feelings and probebly hurt the other person or just try to bear with it but go against that feeling and just make my friend happy, i explained it better in the last post. i'm not going to explain it twice but anyway. for the first time in a long while i have choosen for myself. unfortanally the person didn't like my desission and i defentially know that even tho my friend play's it off like he isn't hurt, i know better. i feel bad but relieved, but i feel like i lost a little peace of my friend and he will not trust me anymore and really hates me deep down and i'm honestly really sorry for making him feel that way. i think i made the right choose altho it  hurts that he said i should think about myself more and now he sais i could think about others more and that's a no for me. so i think i did right, i feel better now and i don't feel like i'm lying to myself so that's good ^_^ 

so for now i'm going to let myself grow and try to be more positive about myself and focus on school, my future, art and my friends of course. you know life is a batle that we all have to fight, some are hard and some are easy but it''s still a batle and i think i won a batle today and went with what i thought was right altho i hurts other people. but i will hope tomorrow is a better day for all of us ^_^

for the person who i hurt today (you know it's you when you read this) i'm really sorry, i didn't mean to do any harm to you, i'm sorry i reacted the way that i did because it wasn't fair against you but know i'm still here for you all the way. i don't want you to hate me because i don't hate you as well and want the best for you. just know i will always be supporting you but that i'm not ready yet for somthing you want. i'm sorry.

and now for everyone else to go to somthing else how was your day? have you Guy's done anything fun yet? or mabey made some art. tell me anything i'm happy to hear all your story's ^_^

But anyway Stay Positive and have an awesome day <3




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