Valentine's Day <3

2017-02-13 09:04:23 by MinecraftGirl2

Hey Guy's,

so as most people know it's valentine's day tomorrow (and today :p didn't even know that but anayway) i hope you all have a great day. it doesn't matter if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend as most people think but spend some time with friends counts as well (or that's what i think. it are loved onces right? i think so ^_^) but if you don't like this stuff (like me ;) ) than just spend some time doing what you love. that's what i do most of the time but don't irritate yourself please, it doesn't help anyone ^_^ just try to have a good time and stay positive <3

for the people who have a 'Valentine' Happy valentine!! i hope you have a great time with them ^_^ 

and now for me i want to thank some people (because it's the day of love soooo i can take this oppertunity) so here we go than. if your not in between these names and your my friend i'm sorry i forgot you :/ but here we go ^_^

@Alexwilsoncomposer: thank you for being there, i know you have been busy lattely but i really enjoyed all the time we spend talking. we have been friends for a while now and you where one of my first friends here. thanks for being around and sticking with me for this long ^_^ ( )

@MchectorII: i have known you for a couple months now (don't know exactlly how long) but i'm happy i got you as friend as well. i can talk about serious stuff with you but also alot of funny stuff. i'm happy i got you as a friend ^_^ ( )

@LuckyLightTitan: i know you for a couple months now as well (i think 4 months now from december) our meeting was a little weird but i'm really happy you got in touch with me and askt me why i wasn't aswering yet to an recequest. i'm glad i reacted because we have some pretty fun confersations ^_^ so thanks <3 (

@Tadiel: i know you for a year now here and in real i love our confersations so thanks for being my friend. you always know how to even with the weirdest things bring a smile on my face and that i can talk with you about 'girl' anime's as well (somthimes because i usally don't do that :p ) so thanks <3  ( )

so thank you all so much. you all bring a smile on my face and make my life alot better. without you guy's and my friends i probebly wouldn't have maked it. i appreaciate everyone of you. also thanks for all the support so far. i know i'm not the most intressting but i'm happy you guy's stick around ^_^ 

so anyway i will stop with the pampering :p but: 

stay positive and have a wonderfull day <3 




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2017-02-13 09:30:23

Oh! you've got it! just remember.. cake filled with those lovely hearts works well on any day! Adding those little details to it can make all the difference, but when it's made with so much love and the people you love most in mind, is when it's even better! With that said, sometimes the amount of love I put into cakes make them into a funny shape, some even into a mask, great for Halloween even! Ah.. the Love! <3

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

hahaha cake helps with everything that's for sure ;) so your right.
and i'm jealos i have baked some cakes but never really a good one but i'm sure your cakes
in any shape will be deliscious and the love put into it will make them even more special <3
i think everyone who tastes them must be lucky ^_^
i hope i'll see you around ^_^


2017-02-13 09:41:39

Aww thanks for those kind words!Though we have only known each other recently,man,I still can't think of anything to say about our time chatting together!Here's a Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your friends!

(Aha,I found the other friend you told me about!)

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

no problem ^_^
and it's fine you don't have to say anything i did this for you and don't have to have anything
back for it. and Happy Valentines Day to you to and your friends as well <3

(yep ^_^ )


2017-02-13 11:43:03

I don't have a gf and I'm So LONELY

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

don't worry ^_^
she will come in time and you probebly have tons of friends to have fun with.
don't bother yourself with that ''i have to got a gf/bf'' talk doesn't work out ;)
just have fun with friends and it will be alot better (a gf is like a best friend so it isn't much
different ^_^)


2017-02-14 13:43:09

Yeah, i'm glad i met you honestly, you're one of the nicest users around here tbh :)
And yes, when we first met was a bit awkward, though i'm glad we got past that.

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

aaahwww thanks <3 i try my best
and of course it can be akward in the beginning but that shouldn't stop us ^_^