Finally Done <3

2017-01-31 08:39:19 by MinecraftGirl2

Hey Guy's,

so today i'm finally done with a busy part of my life or atleast i'm not as busy. i'm finally done with the hardest parts of this week and i hope i can finally post some more art because i have a little more time now. i'm still really busy with outher stuff and finding some things for friends and working on a project of a really good friend of mine <3  but i will try to create a little more art than i have done this month.

but anyway i'm now trying to figure out what my style is of drawing and i'm always open to try new styles and try to draw new things (if you have a idea you can tell me and i will try to make somthing like that ^_^) so i have been practasing alot, i have a couple drawings that i made but did'n't share because it's not the best work but mabey you guy's would like to see it anyway, mabey? idk but that's for you to deside. 

but anyway, i hope you guy's are doing okay, otherwise mabey i can try to make you happy again or give advise.only if you want tho so i understand if that's not what you want. but i hope you all are okay otherwise i wish you all the luck of the world or atleast my luck (i don't really need it because it doesn't work for me :p)

but joking aside, i hope you guy's have a wonderfull day and stay positive <3 


(enjoy the music ^_^ ) 


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2017-01-31 09:19:19

Good luck with your work and hope you find what you're looking for!

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

thank you <3
i hope that as well ^_^


2017-01-31 09:49:44

Good to hear, I feel the same, only except life is kinda hard cause' I procastinate

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

just know that life always be hard but we must make he best out off it
and enjoy it ^_^
(and don't be to lazy than from hard work somthimes come really great things ;) )


2017-02-06 07:46:26

Good to hear, good luck with your art btw :)

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

thank you i will do my best <3