Digital art and the future.

2017-01-16 11:52:27 by MinecraftGirl2

Hey Guy's,

so first thing i want to say to the people who helped me find a painttool 'Thank you so much' because of you guy's help i found a painttool and i am excperimenting with the digital drawing (because i can draw but digital art is learning everything again and without a drawing ipaid it's somthing completly different) but i hope i can share some art i made soon (as i can figure out how i can do some stuff ^_^) but again thanks to all the people that helped me with that.

but anyway so latley i have been bizzy with some personal stuff. a little hint it's pretty hard to do school work, projects, help my friends out and art. i am in a pretty inportant vace of my life to deside with road i want to follow so it's a little bit of a chaos situation for me. don't worry i am fine and i can manage all this but i just wanted to tell you all that my art will not be as much as last month (or december) i am just taking a little break from all this so i can foxus on my friends and school work so i can do everything perfect and help annyone out if they need help. so besaclly what i am saying is that my art can be later than most of the time but don't worry i will be making art just this time it will be a little longer before a new drawing arives. just so you all know that. but with further ado ^_^

i hope you all have a wonderfull day and stay positive.


p.s here is the song for today ^_^ it's called 'waiting for you' nightcore from Kami Music. hope you all like it <3


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2017-01-16 13:04:16

What was the paint tool exactly, I need to know... pls

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

i used the free painttool fire alpaca. (don't know why you would need to know
but here you go ^_^)


2017-01-17 14:54:30

Take your time with your art :)
And take care of your life, the internet can wait a bit.
Nice music btw.

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

thank you ^_^
and i make sure i will take my time with figuring out but that
doesn't mean i will stop and help friends *wink* ^_^